Need some inspiring gift ideas?

Still have a few blank spots on your gift list? Not sure what to get for that hard-to-buy-for person, or need something really extraordinary for someone special? Here are some tri-doshic ideas that are sure to spread a little balance around:

1. A massage – create a hand-drawn gift certificate to promise an hour of your time, or spring for a massage with a professional massage therapist. Nothing is more appreciated this time of year – everyone’s body seems to be aching! Ayurvedic oils make a lovely addition. Cold weather lends itself well to Vata-balancing oils, or for aching joints try Mahanarayan oil.

2. A homemade dinner complete with a menu that your lucky recipient can choose from. Explore unusual ingredients that span the six tastes of Ayurveda to create a truly adventurous meal. Check out some Ayurvedic cookbooks for recipes – or give the cookbook itself!

3. An Ayurvedic consultation with me! What better way to honor your loved one’s health and their connection to what truly nourishes them than with a gift certificate for an Ayurvedic consultation? (Or what better way to start your own illuminating New Year? I mean really, you deserve it!)

My consultations include an incredibly thorough assessment of your loved one’s health history and current concerns with deep listening to draw out the life-changing goals that will inspire them. After identifying specific lifestyle modifications, Ayurvedic practices, or dietary changes that will restore balance and move them towards their goals, we’ll design an implementation plan together.  Our ninety minute conversation can be held in person or by Skype/on the phone.

Here’s to peaceful, joyous days ahead, whatever your holidays may bring!

6 thoughts on “Need some inspiring gift ideas?

  1. Flo says:

    Ohh-ooh. Thank you!

    I will take #1, #2 and #3.

    My key and my Visa will be under the mat, just let yourself in and take over completely.

    With much love here on Xmas Eve Eve.

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