“I am able to live my life again!”

Jocelyn BrownBefore I started working with Ivy, I had two “bad weeks” every single month, due to my painful and irregular periods. Ivy gave me tips and practices, including food suggestions and self-care practices, to get back into balance. I can’t believe the difference – now I am able to live my life again, every day of the month. Thank you Ivy!

~ Jocelyn Brown, Holistic Health Coach

“I wake up more awake and well-rested, and I sleep less”

Maggie PorterThe group cleanse made many positive changes to my well-being. I wake up more awake and well-rested, and I sleep less. I did not use allergy meds or vitamins during the process, and for the most part didn’t miss them. I had also been taking Aleve for soreness, and don’t miss it.

I had no intentions about weight, but lost about 6 pounds. There is definitely a change in my relationship with food – now I really wait until I’m hungry to eat. I also got a sense of clarity about some big things that had been nagging me for awhile.

Ivy was always available to consult and helped me with any difficulties I had. She was extremely knowledgeable and loving in her guidance. I’d love to do it again with her!

~ Maggie Porter, Yoga Teacher

“She helped me get the problem under control”


I came to Ivy for help with acid reflux. She was patient, caring, and nonjudgmental, and helped me get the problem under control in a way that made me confident I could deal with it in the future if it arose again. Thank you so much Ivy for your encouragement and always positive and affirming words!

~ Susanna Sharpe, Professional Singer


“I have far less anxiety, and I feel physically rejuvenated!”

Before doing the cleanse, I was struggling with long-term sleep deprivation 2 years after the birth of my son. I was depleted physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I was experiencing a lot of anxiety and hints of depression, but I knew that a pill was not what I needed.

During the cleanse, I appreciated the glowing skin, bright eyes, and effortlessly lean physique that it imparted to me (and these perks appeared despite a bad cold!), but it wasn’t until a few weeks after it ended that I realized I’d undergone a deeper shift.

I’ve had far, far less anxiety and fear since completing the cleanse. All of that stuff had begun to feel almost normal, but after the cleanse it lifted and hasn’t returned. I feel quite naturally myself – optimistic, enthusiastic, and happy.

I am also physically rejuvenated, more efficient and effective in my work and my entire life. I feel healthful, empowered and capable. And I feel deeply appreciative for Ivy’s compassion, knowledge and ability to translate a 5,000 year old system of healing in a way that makes it accessible for those of us living busy, demanding lives today.

~ Taylor N., Journalist & Writer

“Ivy helped me find balance in my life”

Melanie HarmsIvy helped me find balance in my life – she is an inspiration! Through our sessions, I have become more aware of my breath and learned to make time for restoration/meditation. I’ve also learned to make dishes I know are comforting to my soul and belly.

I am forever grateful Ivy came into my life. Her patience and caring nature played an instrumental role as she taught me the Ayurvedic principles I now use in my daily routine. I will continue to use these principles for a lifetime.

~ Melanie Harms, Elementary School Teacher


“The sessions were nourishing and healing”

I really enjoyed my time with Ivy who is very compassionate and warm. I felt heard and safe with her. I went to see her for some postpartum issues and literally walked away with an action plan. I started implementing the lifestyle changes right away and getting results quickly. In addition to the diet tips, I received a healthy dose of self-love “to-do’s” (my favorite!). The sessions were nourishing and healing. Ivy is wonderful, and I’d highly recommend her!

~ Lisa Young