I help motivated, curious people find natural support for issues such as…

  • Digestive concerns
  • Menstrual cycle discomfort
  • Chronic health conditions
  • Reproductive system imbalance
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Fertility or conception challenges
  • Stress-related disorders
  • Pregnancy preparation and new mama care

I work with clients by video conference or telephone. Together we uncover the deeper sources of your discomfort or challenge, identify concrete steps to shift your current condition, and find the support you need to make nourishing changes.

Drawing on insight from Ayurveda, somatics, yoga, mindfulness, presence-based coaching and other sources of wisdom, we develop a plan of doable actions and practices, tailored specifically to your needs and desired outcomes.

My guidance may include education about food choices, herbal supplements, meal preparation, daily routines and schedules, yoga or other movement practices, meditation techniques, breathing practices, seasonal cleansing, and other self-awareness explorations.

Through your unique plan, we work together to discover the nourishment your system needs to restore balance. Your clarity and conviction grow; you discover you can make new decisions about how you live, your behaviors, and the thoughts in your mind. Ultimately, we draw out the wisdom naturally nestled within you and give it the conditions to flourish. You receive the structure, guidance and support you need to try new practices and establish new habits, which ultimately create a new state of health and wholeness.

Coaching Session Structure

Our initial session lasts 90 minutes and allows me to gather a great deal of information about your health, lifestyle and routines. We will explore the concerns that provoked you to seek support, and we’ll discuss what you want to create in your health and your life. You will leave this first session with a detailed action plan of next steps to take.

In subsequent sessions, which last 60 minutes, we will explore what worked in your action plan, what didn’t, and what effects you observed in your body and mind. Some interventions may show an effect quite quickly, while others may need more time to take root. We expect to run into challenges (if there weren’t any, you would have already resolved this issue!), and we learn important teachings from them. In each session, we will review your results, explore new techniques, practices or ideas, and make changes or additions to your action plan.  

The healing process is benefited by a sense of curiosity and excitement about the exploration itself. There are no shortcuts to restoring balance from the roots up. It is always a rich process of self-discovery and revelation, and you will be nurtured and supported every step of the way.

Depending on the concerns you want to shift, I often recommend that we work together for a number of months.


Initial Session (90 minutes): $150
Follow-up Session (60 minutes): $125

Introductory Package
Initial Session + 2 Follow-up Sessions: $350 (a savings of $50)

Ongoing Package
3 Follow-up Sessions: $325 (a savings of $50)

* If these prices present a financial hardship for you, and you feel drawn to work with me, please inquire about my sliding scale. I am committed to being of service and want to make my work as accessible as  I can, so I offer a sliding scale to a portion of my clients.

How to Get Started

As a next step, please contact me when you are ready to schedule your initial session. I will send you an intake form to fill out in advance, and we will find a convenient time to meet. I look forward to being with you!