Do you long to feel truly, deeply healthy and balanced
so you wake up full of energy
and finish your day feeling at peace?

If you want to feel more comfortable in your body, more at ease in your mind and in tune with your unique needs, then you’re in the right place.

You may be busy and over-scheduled, trying to keep many plates spinning in your life, overwhelmed by all you have to do each day, yet convinced there must be a way to feel more connected to the things that really matter.

You’re inspired by your yoga practice and ready to go deeper – to discover how to create energy, establish an unflagging connection to spirit and reignite your intuition.

Welcome to the oldest continuously practiced system of holistic health guidance on the earth today: Ayurveda. Translated as “the knowledge of life,” Ayurveda gives us powerful tools to live a life of balance and groundedness, even in our whirlwind modern world.

And, step by step, I am excited and honored to show you the way. My passion is helping busy people like you to…

  • Create a life of vitality, enthusiasm, soulfulness and contentment
  • Overcome physical imbalances like chronic indigestion, debilitating menstrual cycles, insomnia, anxiety and stress
  • Feel calm and at peace in the midst of your normal daily chaos
  • Incorporate new ways of connecting to spirit and nature in your life
  • Feel comfortable in your body, connected to your heart, and rooted in your deepest strengths and values

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You really can feel healthy from the inside out, and I am honored to walk the path with you.

Reflecting the light in you,