Refill Your Cup with Ritual & Ayurveda
A Full Moon Women’s Circle
Saturday, April 27, 12:00-2:30pm

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Do you need some juiciness in your over-busy life?

The full moon is like a monthly chime to remind you of your own radiance and inner gifts. In ancient days, the full moon was literally the time of ovulation, and it still bestows the energy of creativity and ripening for those who want to harness it.

In honor of April’s full moon, come draw upon the ancient “art of living” of Ayurveda. We will explore ways to restore our juice (or rasa) through element-based ritual, beautification of our intimate living spaces, and kitchen alchemy.

Together in our circle we will:

  • Discover 5 components of simple rituals that bring joy and meaning to even the most complicated lives.
  • Learn to create prosperity, health and happiness by applying principles of Vastu (India’s science of arrangement, like China’s feng shui) in your own home.
  • Build unstoppable momentum behind all that is ripening in your life, through one easy practice.
  • Draw replenishment from our circle, nourishing our bodies with handmade sweets and our spirits with the deep well of female companionship.

NOTE: Please bring a symbol of something that is full and radiant in your life, something that brings you joy and satisfaction, for our communal altar – and don’t worry, you’ll get it back at the end! Wear comfortable clothes for sitting on the floor (but no active yoga practice).

$30 if you register on or before April 24 ($35 after)

To register, contact Ivy