A Simple Start to the Year

A Week of Ayurveda to Renew Yourself

January 4-12, 2020

After a month of focusing on everyone else’s needs – the children, the boss, the in-laws, the cat – it’s time to bring yourself back into focus.

What do YOU need as we enter the New Year? What does your body need to feel healthy again? What do you WANT in order to feel your best?

Focusing on your own health can feel overwhelming after a hectic month of running errands, little to no exercise, and more than a few meals you didn’t exactly “design.” Late-night shopping, a few too many holiday cookies, not to mention the chaos of travel – it all adds up and can leave you feeling bloated, guilty and disconnected from yourself and what REALLY matters.

It’s an ideal time for a fresh start

I invite you to spend the first week of the year taking simple, doable steps towards your healthier, more grounded YOU, with guidance from the wisdom of Ayurveda and your inner knowing, and loving support from others who are feeling the same pull.

In this first full week of the New Year, together we will…

  • Restore a sense of balance after the holidays so you feel grounded and proactive again
  • Explore specific guidance on simple actions to take to feel healthier, happier, and calm
  • Tweak just 4 key areas of your life to get the biggest health impact for your efforts
  • Take in the support of a like-minded group, so changing your health routines is actually doable
  • Reconnect to your inner sense of what feels right in your unique body and mind

How A Simple Start Works

We’ll move through the first full week of the year together, taking concrete actions each day in support of our health.

Our Kick Off & Planning Workshop happens the first Saturday, Jan. 4, where you’ll receive your Simplification Plan Guidebook and create your unique plan for the week ahead. You’ll either participate in an interactive online workshop (on Zoom livestream, or watch the recording), or attend live in Durham, NC.

During the workshop, you’ll be led through a step-by-step reflection on your current state and priorities. You’ll receive specific teachings from the ancient science of Ayurveda on the 4 key domains in your life that establish the foundation for good health. For each domain, you will choose from a menu of actions for the week….

Domain 1: Food

Some will choose to simplify their meals for the week using provided recipes, so life feels easier and streamlined. Others will eliminate certain foods they know compromise their body’s health and comfort. Others will apply an Ayurvedic approach to help reset their digestion incorporating a monodiet of kitchari, a nourishing, detoxifying dish of rice, lentils and specific spices. You will decide which set of choices is right for you.

Domain 2: Movement

Exercise and activity is critical to good health, and it can be a great source of joy and energy. For many, however, it feels overwhelming – what should I do? And how do I fit it in my schedule? Together we will explore Ayurveda’s perspective on movement and exercise, and you will choose an activity plan for the week that is right for you from a menu of movement options.

Domain 3: Sleep

Most adults are not getting enough sleep for the body and mind to function adequately, let alone optimally. For some, it’s a matter of prioritizing sleep above other activities – for others, sleep itself is an elusive state that is not easily achieved. With the help of Ayurvedic teachings on finding and maintaining deep restorative sleep, you will choose a sleep plan for the week ahead.

Domain 4: Mind

The modern mind is often overcome by the quantity of information it must process in a day and the speed at which new demands are made of it. Ayurveda offers profound strategies to support the functioning of the mind, simultaneously helping put it in its proper place so it’s not always taking the driver’s seat of our life, allowing other “voices” in our body-mind-spirit system to be heard. You’ll select specific activities to support your own healthy, peaceful mind.

In each of these 4 domains, you’ll choose from a menu of specific actions, selecting the option that fits your goals, your current starting point, and your priorities as you enter the New Year.

The emphasis will be on simple, actionable ideas that you’ll implement for 5 days through the first full week of the year. You’ll receive recipes, worksheets, and lists so you are supported and clear in your intentions for the week.

And then we’ll celebrate! The following weekend, during our Set our Sights Forward Workshop, we’ll acknowledge our efforts to show up for ourselves in such a big way, reflect on what we’ve experienced in the past week, and set our sights on the year ahead.

The Schedule

Kick-Off & Planning Workshop


Saturday, Jan. 4, 2 – 4pm EST (11am-1pm PST) interactive livestream via Zoom (or watch recording)

In Person


Saturday, Jan. 4, 10am – 12pm, attend in person in Durham, NC

Sunday, Jan. 5: Grocery Shop and Prepare

Monday-Friday, Jan. 6-10: Work your Plan!  

Celebrate & Set our Sights Forward Workshop


Sunday, Jan. 12, 2 – 4pm EST (11am-1pm PST) interactive livestream via Zoom (or watch recording)

In Person


Saturday, Jan. 11, 10am – 12pm, attend in person in Durham, NC

Getting healthy can seem complicated, but it actually can be quite simple. You may even already know what you need, underneath it all.

What makes it complicated is excessive data and information, distraction from your priorities, and trying to make big habit changes on your own. 

The solution is simplifying your actions, staying focused, and accepting support. Joining a group allows us to share the heavy lifting and stay inspired together.

What’s Included in “A Simple Start”

  • 2 Workshops (Kick Off & Planning Workshop and Celebrate & Set our Sights Forward Workshop) 2 hours each ~ full of practical guidance and Ayurvedic teaching with Ivy (via live interactive livestream on Zoom, or recording, or attend live in Durham, NC)
  • Comprehensive “Simplification Plan” Guidebook with worksheets, recipes, and clear written practices
  • 3 Guided practice recordings to support your routines
  • Daily emails to keep you connected and inspired
  • Optional online forum for Q&A and uplifting community support

Registration: $75

** Bonus: Bring a Friend for Free! **

It’s always more fun (and more effective!) to shift our behaviors and focus with a friend who can help us stay inspired – and we’re aiming for fun here, so every registrant can bring a friend for free! Simply email me your friend’s name when you register.

To Register

For Online Participants

(Attend the 2 Workshops via Interactive Livestream on Zoom, or watch recording at your leisure)

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After registering, please send Ivy an email here to provide your name and your preferred email address for program emails, as well as your friend’s name, if relevant. (You can also provide a friend’s name later.)

For In-Person Participants

(Attend the 2 Workshops in Person in Durham, NC)


To join the waitlist, please send Ivy an email here. You can still sign up for the online option above and receive all the teachings via interactive livestream… and if a seat becomes available last minute for the in-person workshops, Ivy will let you know!

Questions? Email Ivy here

I look forward to being with you for this simple, practical and FUN week of getting back on track and feeling inspired about your year ahead!

Ivy Ingram, MA, AP
Ayurveda Practitioner