Sanskrit Alphabet Class

If you love Yoga, Ayurveda, chanting, or languages in general, I invite you to into a mystical adventure with me, to learn to read (and write!) this unparalleled ancient language.

Sanskrit is considered the mother of many modern languages, and it is the source language of Ayurveda and Yoga. It is said that speaking or chanting Sanskrit is a healing practice in itself. Correct pronunciation of these precise, unique sounds amplifies this effect and conveys the inherent power carried by these syllables.

In this 10-week course, you will learn to read and write the beautiful Devanāgarī script (as seen above). We will not be learning grammar or vocabulary – the emphasis is on being able to sound out letters written in the original alphabet.

You will learn to… 

  • Accurately pronounce Sanskrit words, such as the names of yoga poses and traditional chants
  • Recite the Sanskrit alphabet 
  • Write this ancient script in freehand
  • Understand the dots, dashes and bars used in transliteration of Sanskrit into our familiar Roman alphabet
  • Be able to verify proper pronunciation of translated words by referencing the original text written in Sanskrit

Class size is limited to 9 students to allow sufficient time for recitation and feedback for each participant, so you learn correct pronunciation by reading and speaking each week. There will be required weekly homework assignments to build your skill and ability to recognize letters. 

All required learning materials will be provided electronically. All classes will be video recorded so if you must miss a class you can watch later (or repeat a lesson as needed). 

You’ll be amazed at your ability to read Sanskrit in just a few months!

Sanskrit Alphabet Class

Wednesdays, 11:30am-12:30pm Eastern US time

Feb. 16 –  April 20 (10 weeks) ~ Via Zoom

$150 USD