Seasonal Digestive Reset

•     Do you have nagging symptoms like constipation, indigestion or joint pain that keep reminding you something isn’t quite right inside?

•     Do you wish you had the time and focus (or willpower!) to create healthier habits?

•     Have you tried all the anti-inflammation supplements, the “gut healing” diets, the superfoods, or so-called solutions, and they just haven’t worked – or are too complicated to follow?

There is a surprisingly simple, time-tested process that sets your body (and mind!) back on course


Join the Spring Clarity Cleanse & Reset, and in 12 short days you can…

•     Start healing digestive issues like constipation, pain, distention, discomfort and heartburn

•     Drop that heavy bloated sensation in the belly you’ve been carrying

•     Stop feeling exhausted and burned out and find bright-eyed energy all day

•     Reduce food cravings so you don’t feel so out of control

•     Think more clearly and remove mental brain fog

•     Boost your immune system so you don’t catch every cold and flu this Fall

•     Feel lighter by removing waste and toxins from your tissues

Perhaps best of all, you establish nourishing, healthy habits that you KNOW are deeply good for you and set you up for a healthy winter.

The Spring Reset will change your relationship with your body ~ and with the food you put in it

You’ll understand at a deep level how your body is built to thrive, not just get by. You’ll learn how to listen to it for reliable guidance throughout the year, to keep your whole system running optimally.

Meet your Reset guide, Ivy Ingram, MA

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It’s my mission to help motivated, curious people restore a sense of health and happiness, drawing on the wisdom of ancient tools in an accessible, inspiring way.  

As a certified Ayurveda Practitioner, I began leading Ayurvedic cleanses in 2012, accompanying groups through this very personal and transformative process. Each time, I am so impressed by the depth of response each person has – very individual, but always profound.

I trained in the U.S. for 2 years under renowned Ayurveda teacher Dr. Vasant Lad in a clinical training program. I also trained for 5 months in South India at a traditional Panchakarma center where intensive cleansing and rejuvenation programs are conducted.

I have a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, and I’m a certified yoga instructor. When not guiding seasonal cleanses, I support clients through educational online programs and individual Ayurveda consultations, offering natural support for a variety of health challenges like menstrual cycle discomfort, digestive issues, and stress-related disorders like insomnia, anxiety and depression.

Again and again, I am inspired as I witness the amazing transformation that the Autumn Reset opens for the people I am honored to guide.

Who is the Spring Reset for?

In Ayurvedic teachings, even in ancient times EVERY healthy adult was encouraged to cleanse and rejuvenate regularly to prevent illness. This is the best way to support your health (and happiness!) for the long run.

The Spring Reset will be especially useful if you:

  •  Have sensitivities to dairy, gluten, or other foods
  •  Suffer from seasonal allergies
  •  Experience dramatic energy loss or mood dips throughout the day
  •  Feel stuck in a rut or trapped in old emotional or mental patterns
  •  Struggle with constipation, indigestion or diarrhea
  •  Feel troubled by aches and joint pain that come and go

This program is designed for anyone who maintains a busy or complicated schedule, or who lives in a city, or who is surrounded by 21st century technology, or who eats food grown outside…

So essentially, the Spring Reset is for all of us!


“Now I wake up more alert and well-rested” 

Maggie Porter

“The group cleanse made many positive changes to my well-being. I wake up more alert and well-rested, and I oversleep less. I had been taking allergy meds and Aleve for soreness, and don’t miss them.

“I had no intentions for weight loss, but lost 6 pounds! There is definitely a change in my relationship with food – now I really wait until I’m hungry to eat. I also got a sense of clarity about some big things that had been nagging me for awhile.

“Ivy was always available to consult and helped me with any difficulties I had. She was extremely knowledgeable and loving in her guidance. I’d love to do it again with her!” ~ Maggie Porter, Albuquerque, NM

What does the Spring Reset actually do for our health?

A seasonal Ayurvedic cleanse is a specific process that un-clogs the digestive tract and strengthens our digestive fire, or agni (the combination of acids and enzymes that do the work of breaking down our food and protecting our immunity).


As long as the digestive fire is burning clearly, then we can break down our food well, assimilating the nutrients effectively and protecting the body from intruders. When we eat too much heavy or processed food, or ingest environmental toxins, or simply overeat, we diminish our digestive fire.

If the fire is weak, the body can’t digest properly which leads to excess waste, toxicity or infection. While the body is exquisitely designed to maintain equilibrium and balance, it needs periodic help recovering if the fire is weakened.


Like the drain in a sink, the pathways of waste removal can slowly get clogged, causing a backlog of sludge (called ama in Ayurveda) that robs us of our energy and health. This waste leave us feeling cruddy over time and sets the stage for disease to take hold.

This can happen to all of us, regardless of how “clean” or healthy our food choices are, particularly in this modern age. With today’s increased exposure to chemicals in our food, as well as incompatible food combinations, the digestive fire can easily be overtaxed.

stress woman

In addition, with the high level of mental “toxins” created by our current technical age, like information overload, stress, and overwhelming demands on our time, our system’s natural ability to filter and balance is overwhelmed.

Ayurveda teaches that along with information overload, mental toxins like negative thinking or excessive worry clog our subtle energy network as well. The Autumn Reset facilitates mental detoxification as well as physical, soothing the overstimulation of our minds.

How can the Spring Reset help so many different health issues?


Since traditional Ayurvedic cleansing clears blockages and strengthens the digestive fire, many people find that afterwards a wide variety of health issues resolve without further intervention.

In addition, after the heat and stimulation of the summer, excess hot and oily energy (pitta dosha) naturally builds up in the body. Without a clear pathway for it to exit, it can accumulate and cause certain seasonal health problems (like acid indigestion, skin issues, headaches, and fever, among others).

For this reason, the seasonal transition between summer and autumn is an optimal time to clear that path through traditional time-tested practices.

While it IS simple, that doesn’t mean it’s EASY or obvious

Even when we know what our body needs and what it’s begging for, it can be hard to follow through and actually DO it. This is why participating in a group effort can make all the difference. The group energy helps carry us when we might be tempted to give up.

The process of Ayurvedic cleansing involves many practices in a certain sequence designed to prime the deeper tissues to release toxins and to move them into the GI tract for elimination.  Without experienced guidance, it can be easy to lose sight of the big picture, or to misinterpret what you’re experiencing. 


What exactly happens in the Spring Reset?

There are 3 Phases in this interactive program:

WEEK 1: Prepare 


In this pre-Cleanse week, we begin reducing the input of toxins and difficult-to-digest foods. We gather the needed ingredients and supplies, and we set our intentions for the process ahead. Nourishing mental practices are introduced to help support the physical process of the days ahead.

WEEK 2: Rest & Remove

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In the 5-day simplification phase of the Reset, we maintain a VERY simple (yet filling and nourishing) diet to rest the GI tract from the effort of digesting complicated foods, which frees up energy for detoxification. Some will choose to eat only a monodiet of one nutritious, complete-protein dish (called kitchari) for the entire 5 days. There are several food simplicity levels you can choose between, to find a level that suits your needs. There is no restriction on quantity, just complexity – we stay simple.

Using gentle herbs and nurturing physical practices, we will support the body’s natural ability to remove toxins and waste that have built up internally. This is not a harsh, stripping process for the body, but a gentle removal that leaves the body feeling lighter without depletion.

WEEK 3: Rejuvenate

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After the main 5-day simplification period is over, we slowly return to a more complicated diet. The path out of the Reset is equally (if not more) important than the path in, as we support the body’s return to digesting more complex foods. We use supportive herbs and specific foods and practices to rejuvenate the body and mind, and to build on the physical effect we have started.

The Spring Reset is designed with different choices to accommodate people who must continue with daily work or other commitments, as well as those who can reduce their usual activities to receive optimal benefits. The more time you can give to the process, the deeper your benefits.

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“I have far less anxiety, and I feel physically rejuvenated!”

“Before doing the cleanse, I was struggling with long-term sleep deprivation 2 years after the birth of my son. I was depleted physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I was experiencing a lot of anxiety and hints of depression, but I knew that a pill was not what I needed.

“During the cleanse, I appreciated the glowing skin, bright eyes, and effortlessly lean physique that it imparted to me (and these perks appeared despite a bad cold!), but it wasn’t until a few weeks after it ended that I realized I’d undergone a deeper shift.

“I’ve had far, far less anxiety and fear since completing the cleanse. All of that stuff had begun to feel almost normal, but after the cleanse it lifted and hasn’t returned. I feel quite naturally myself – optimistic, enthusiastic, and happy.

“I am also physically rejuvenated, more efficient and effective in my work and my entire life. I feel healthful, empowered and capable. And I feel deeply appreciative for Ivy’s compassion, knowledge and ability to translate a 5,000 year old system of healing in a way that makes it accessible for those of us living busy, demanding lives today.”  ~ Taylor N., Journalist & Writer, Seattle, WA


The Structure of the 12-Day Spring Reset 2020

The Spring Reset is offered on two different dates in March, so you can choose the week that works best for you.

 Reset #1:  March 16 – 27 (Monday – Friday)

 Reset #2: March 23 – April 3 (Monday – Friday)

It’s best to select dates when you have the fewest external obligations, and when you will not be menstruating. Your benefits will be greater if you can take some time away from usual commitments and rest more during your Spring Reset.

The Reset is book-ended by 3 workshops:

WORKSHOP #1:     “At the Headwaters: Preparation & Visioning”
, 10am ~ The Saturday before your Reset begins

Develop your intentions, learn the logistical steps, go over grocery and supply lists, and prepare your heart and mind for what lies ahead

WORKSHOP #2:    “In the Deep: Relax & Release”
Saturday, 2pm ~ midway through your Reset

Learn specific new Reset practices for the following week, check in and get any questions answered, relax the body and mind through restorative yoga, and sink into the support of your Reset community

WORKSHOP #3:     “At the River’s End: Celebration”
Saturday, April 18 ~ after your Reset

Celebrate your accomplishment with your new tribe, reflect on your experience, receive guidance for lasting health and set your vision for your future


What’s Included in your Spring Reset:

•     3 live workshops (recordings will be provided if you cannot join live)

•     Shopping lists, supply lists, and written instructions for every step of the process

•     Daily email guidance and inspiration from Ivy during the entire Reset

•     Membership in private online group for support and quick Q&A with Ivy

•     Detailed written guidebook with recipes, guidelines and other resources

•     Guided audio and video recordings to support optional yoga, breathing and meditation practices

Registration details coming soon

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Additional costs not included:

  • Cleanse food kit: $42 (includes all ingredients needed for 7 days of mono-diet kitchari)
  • Supplies: $40 – $90 (depending on what you currently own. You will receive a complete list of needed supplies and optional add-ons, with easy ordering instructions.)

Bring-a-Friend Bonus


Your registration includes a friend for free! It’s always more fun to do a process like this with the support of someone you know.

Who should not do the Spring Reset?

Cleansing takes significant energy and stamina, so it is important that participants be in stable health. The following individuals should not participate:
  • Pregnant or breast-feeding women
  • Women who expect to start their menstrual cycle during the Reset (the menses is a natural detoxification that we don’t want to disrupt with the seasonal cleanse process – that’s why there are two dates to choose from, so select the week when you won’t be menstruating)
  • Those with acute illness or who feel weak for any reason
  • Those unable to stop smoking during the Reset

Wondering if the Spring Reset is right for you?

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Please feel free to contact me to discuss any questions you might have.

I am eager to support you in this program, designed to uncover the radiance and deep health that is your birthright. Get ready for a mind-expanding, heart-opening experience!

Reflecting the light in you,

Ivy Ingram
Durham, NC