Simple Ginger Tea

Ginger is one of the best medicines to warm up Vata’s cold and to liquify Kapha’s excess mucus. Added to soups (and really any other recipes), it helps kindle the digestive fire making everything easier to digest.  

Ginger tea is an easy and pleasurable way to get ginger into your system. Sip some now to ward off the cold and flu. After an over-indulgent meal, it can also help settle an upset stomach or improve digestion.


  • Wash and mince some fresh ginger (1 heaping teaspoon per cup of water). No need to peel it.
  • Boil desired amount of water. Add ginger, cover, and boil gently for ten minutes. (Less cooking/steeping time and keeping the lid on allows less of the volatile oils to escape and dissipate.)
  • Filter and drink!

If you have sinus congestion, a productive cough, heaviness in the body or mind, or other signs of excess Kapha, add honey after the tea has cooled. (Cooked honey becomes Ama or toxic vessel-clogging poison, according to the ancient texts of Ayurveda, so my teacher Dr. Vasant Lad advises waiting until you can hold your finger in the tea before adding honey.)