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Pitta Series – Monday Class

Class 8 ~ June 22 ~ Bringing it all together

Class 7 ~ June 15 ~ Bhrajaka Pitta

Class 6 ~ June 8 ~ Alochaka Pitta

Class 5 ~ June 1 ~ Sadhaka Pitta

Class 4 ~ May 18 ~ Ranjaka Pitta

Class 3 ~ May 11 ~ Pachaka Pitta

Class 2 ~ May 4 ~ Pitta Sub-dosha Overview

Class 1 ~ April 27 ~ Introduction to Pitta

April 7 Gathering

Oh it feels so restorative to be together right now – just to check in and hear how others are doing. Tonight, we discussed inner resources that are available to us in this time that we are not yet taking advantage of. I shared 4 resources that I have identified and plan to access in the week ahead: Planting Seeds, White Space, Anger, and Creative Arts.

March 31 Gathering

We discussed the 3 pillars of health (and added a 4th!) as we considered what it takes to build resilience right now. I talked about the challenges I personally have been facing in this area, and what I believe is the most worthy use of our time right now. Finally we chose intentions for ourselves for the week ahead to support the pillar most needing shoring up, and we’ll check in on them when we meet next week. 

March 24 Gathering

We checked in to hear how everyone is doing, and then I shared some of what the ancient texts of Ayurveda teach about epidemics. In particular, we focused on the things we can do to move through an epidemic. Interestingly, the texts don’t mention even one herb or medicine to take – it is all about how to BEHAVE and what to DO. We also shared what has been helping each of us during this time.