Postpartum Support

Ayurveda teaches that the act of childbirth creates a dramatic and rare opportunity for a woman to restore and re-set her health and well-being for years to come. It is said that for 42 days after childbirth, there is a “sacred window” in which specific nurturing practices can restore and establish your natural balance of energies for the next 42 years of your life. These practices provide support for the emotional and spiritual transformation that becoming a mother invites.

Choices you make now to support your rejuvenation after childbirth will be much more potent than at almost any other time in your life! Pregnancy and childbirth require a massive reorganization of physical tissue and a tremendous gift of your own energy and nourishment to breathe life into a new being. This rich and rewarding initiation can also be depleting or debilitating.  

Sadly, our modern culture does not emphasize post-partum care for the new mama as so many ancient traditions do. Modern practice doesn’t recognize the transformative potential of this period, nor the value (to both mother and baby, and the family as a whole) when the new mama is supported to restore at the deepest level.

I offer these traditional nourishing Ayurvedic practices to support mamas and families during the liminal time after childbirth, so that this profound rejuvenation can unfold. These practices include:

  • A specific diet of nourishing, easy-to-digest foods 
  • Herbal teas and other supports for lactation
  • Oil application to promote deep relaxation and energy restoration
  • Natural remedies to support healing and restore energy flow in the body

I assist the mama-to-be, your partner, and your family or community by designing and delivering a detailed program of support and nourishment.

Your tailored program can include:

  • A planning meeting with you and your partner. We discuss your vision and desires for your post-pregnancy care, and I will assess your Ayurvedic constitution, which will help guide my recommendations. I will describe the full “menu” of supportive elements that can be incorporated in your program, and you can decide which elements are right for you and your family.
  • Nourishing Meals. In the few days directly after childbirth, a woman’s digestive strength is greatly compromised. Careful attention to gradually re-building your digestive power is central to healing and restoring your strength.
  • Herbal Teas. Certain safe herbal teas and decoctions can assist with lactation, healing, and reviving you energy (and they’re yummy too!).
  • Dietary Guidance. Specific foods are known to be particularly supportive to new mothers to restore energy and avoid constipation, and to prevent your baby’s colic or indigestion. I can provide ingredient and cooking guidance, as well as shopping lists and recipes.
  • Oil Application or Self-Massage. Ayurveda teaches that warm oil application through gentle touch is one of the most important supports to restore a woman’s physical body after birth. I can provide oil application in your home, and/or train your support team to do so, as well as give you guidance for self-massage. Giving yourself this time to receive nurturance every day after birth is an exquisite remedy for your need for rest and physical nourishment.
  • Organization of Your Support Community. I can support your communication with those who want to help during this time by suggesting specific roles for supporters, providing information about the roles, recommendations for online group scheduling platforms, dietary guidelines for those who are cooking for you, and other logistical details.

In our initial meeting, I will also provide you with educational information about how Ayurveda understands this transformative time, so you can benefit from this perspective. It is a rich, nourishing tradition that sheds a new light on what is possible.

A full program provides support for the full 42-day sacred window.  Alternative options include a 2-week program for those who have additional support resources at home, as well as a 1-week program for the most critical support. I can also provide a simple 2-hour educational consultation to provide the necessary resources so your family and support community can implement what you need.

Give yourself and your family this gift to re-set your body and mind to receive all the nourishment of this transformative time. Please feel free to contact me with any questions and to schedule your free no-obligation in-home interview.