Women’s Midlife Coaching Program

A 6-Month Program to Create Energy, Balance and Purpose

For so many of us, a moment comes in midlife when we discover something has to change – perhaps it is a symptom of menopause or perimenopause that catches our attention… Maybe it’s a recognition that we’ve been steering our ship by the wrong star and we can’t find the new star…. Maybe it’s the feeling that our body is undergoing a dramatic change and we are called to listen to it with new ears – yet we don’t know how. Ayurveda offers a powerful lens to navigate this moment in an empowering way.

It takes a significant amount of motivation and energy to change course when we have been moving in one direction for so long. It takes vision – and courage. And when life is so very full, we may feel too busy to cultivate that vision, and too overwhelmed to pull the courage needed to make the changes our body is asking of us.

This is when we can remember our uniquely feminine skill to lean into community/communion to find deep wisdom and support, to seek solace in tradition, and to re-ignite our intuition.

In the Women’s Mid-Life Coaching Program with Ivy, you will find:

  • Specific guidance and teachings from Ayurveda, yoga, somatics and presence-based teachings to help you align with nature’s rhythm and logic and support your body’s unique needs
  • An empowering structure of support that keeps you on track and accountable to your own intentions as you make changes and implement unique-to-you recommendations
  • A 6-month framework to keep you engaged and inspired so that the interventions you make can take root and make a real difference in your body and your psyche

What’s Included

  • Individual consultations with Ivy every other week for 6 months to keep you inspired, motivated and informed about what steps to take to make an impact in the symptoms and priorities that are most important to you (a total of 12 sessions, 45-minutes each, scheduled at the same time/day of the week or as needed for your schedule)
  • A customized protocol of practices and unique recommendations designed for you, including food choices and preparations, herbal formulas, movement practices and exercise recommendations, breathing practices, meditation techniques, and lifestyle guidelines
  • Worksheets, practice videos, and information guides to refer to in between our sessions so you feel confident in your next steps and know what to focus on
  • A hand-selected kit of body and self-care products and herbal formulas, chosen specifically for your unique system (over $75 value)
  • 2 Ayurveda Cookbooks to give you inspiration and specific guidance to cook wholesome, delicious foods that support your body and mind ($50 value)
  • A Vedic Astrology reading with an astrologer specially trained to make connections between your birth chart and this specific junctureinf life, including implications for your health and sense of purpose

Program Investment

$550/month for 6 months ($3300 total)

or save $400 and pay $2900 in one payment