The Inner Wisdom Circle

A Year-Long Online Mentorship to
Strengthen your Body
and Nourish your Spirit

September 2020 – August 2021

Information Session Recording:

Are you ready to…

  • Establish powerfully healthy habits that support a strong immune system and create a sense of calm inside?
  • Feel connected and nourished by an optimistic, open-hearted community focused on growth and self-caring?
  • Deepen into a spiritual awareness, an Inner Wisdom, that fuels your sense of purpose and belonging?

Then I hope you’ll join me for an amazing year of growth and transformation

The pandemic is reminding us of what we too easily forget…

Good health is the foundation of everything else.

When our health starts to crumble, everything is affected – our work suffers, our relationships are strained, our emotions plummet.

What we need is genuine, reliable energy and vitality – built slowly from the inside out

The Inner Wisdom Circle brings together the brilliance of Ayurveda, yoga, and modern behavioral science with a heart-nurturing community that will transform your health, by changing your thought patterns and your habits.

Together, we turn towards that constant source of personal, unique intelligence that we hold inside – our Inner Wisdom.

In the Inner Wisdom Circle, you will…

  • Develop new behaviors and thoughts that embed good health into your daily routines in a way that will serve you for the rest of your life
  • Get to know yourself better, uncovering the mysteries of your unique body-mind and what makes it tick
  • Feel supported by an intimate circle of others equally committed to making a real shift in their own lives
  • Learn concrete practices from Ayurveda and yoga to create stability and vibrance in your body and mind
  • Receive specific guidance from Ivy to significantly boost your energy, immunity and overall health

Create tangible, concrete improvements to your health

Ayurveda’s time-tested lifestyle guidance has been practiced and refined for over 5,000 years – and it works. As you follow the course of this program, you will experience….

  • Deeper, more restorative sleep
  • Regular, comfortable elimination
  • Less isolation
  • Easier menstrual cycles
  • More consistent energy throughout the day
  • Comfortable digestion
  • Fewer aches and pains
  • A pervasive sense of well-being in your body and mind

Not only will you learn new information, you’ll have my personal guidance and our community’s support to apply it and make lasting changes.

What Ivy’s Clients are Saying…

My relationship to my body is becoming kinder, more responsive, more responsible…”

“Ivy is a remarkably gifted teacher and has become my trusted guide in the practice of Ayurveda and yoga, helping me gain valuable ground.  In Ayurveda, Ivy’s deep knowledge and experience  make her indispensable in perfecting my practices. 

“In yoga, Ivy leads by following; that is, she tracks, invites, never imposes.  With that, the poses follow organically, with less resistance, allowing MY practice to emerge.  My relationship to my body is becoming kinder, more responsive, more responsible.  It’s hard to articulate the value she has brought to my life, with her wisdom, her spirit, her friendship.”

~ Victoria, Chapel Hill, NC

I have already noticed more balance in my life…

“Ivy’s facilitation and light were a true delight. The class created a great sense of agency in me – in this short time, I have already noticed more balance in my life. The discussions and exercises are accessible, easy and fun. The group meetings gave me an important, tangible framework on how I may integrate radical self care into my everyday life. Since we learned so many techniques, recipes and practices, I was able to easily integrate the ones that most resonated with my schedule, ability and needs.” 

~ David Young Oh, Durham, NC

Why a Year-Long Program?

I’ve been working with clients to improve their health with Ayurveda and yoga for well over a decade, and I have observed how long it takes for new habits to develop. A year is simply what it takes to establish new practices and behaviors that make a lasting, life-changing impact.

As we move through a year together, we have time to experience our fledgling behaviors in different seasons. We feel the influence of different cycles on our tendencies and preferences. We learn who we are, and how to deeply support ourselves in creating what we want and what our bodies need.

The Inner Wisdom Circle Curriculum

The Inner Wisdom curriculum is built around 10 foundational habits derived from the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and yoga.

When establishing a new habit or behavior, we move through 4 stages of development: Learning, Practicing, Integrating, and then Living.

Each quarter of the Inner Wisdom Circle year, we will revisit the 10 habits, moving through the 4 stages of development over the course of one trip around the sun.

In Quarter 1, you learn the 10 habits: the what’s, the why’s, and the how’s. Some habits will fit naturally into your life and take root instantly, bringing quick results. Others will take more time – and you can take a deep breath, as there is plenty of time.

In Quarter 2, you really dig into practice: we explore what needs to go in order to make room for new behaviors. Through coaching, you discover ways to work with the hurdles you encounter so they don’t stop you from creating what you want. You start to notice a deeper feeling of support and steadiness in your life.

In Quarter 3, you start to hit your stride: you are truly integrating the habits into your routines, and you take inspiration from the others in the Circle. You see more results in yourself and others.

In Quarter 4, you start living the habits: they have become a part of you. You draw strength from the sense of camaraderie of your Circle mates, and you even start to see others in your life impacted by your new behaviors. You are meeting the world in a new way.

I will continue to use these principles for a lifetime…”

“Ivy helped me find balance in my life – she is an inspiration! Through our sessions, I have become more aware of my breath and learned to make time for restoration/meditation. I’ve also learned to make dishes I know are comforting to my soul and belly.

“I am forever grateful Ivy came into my life. Her patience and caring nature played an instrumental role as she taught me the Ayurvedic principles I now use in my daily routine. I will continue to use these principles for a lifetime.”

Melanie Harms, Austin, TX

Program Components

Your Inner Wisdom Circle year includes: engaging learning… inspiring group coaching… gentle authentic yoga… and a vibrant community made up of your new best friends

Weekly Group Mentoring Sessions

The core of the Inner Wisdom Circle is the weekly online group mentoring sessions with Ivy – part education, part group coaching, part conversation, and part inspiration. Each session we will explore one of the foundational habits, a seasonal influence, or a related concept, and how it all applies to our health and empowerment. 

You will be encouraged and challenged to hold to your new vision of what is possible for you as we face the hurdles to new habits that we are bound to encounter. 

The group is limited in size so our connections can grow in intimacy and there is ample time for all voices. All sessions will be recorded in case you have to miss one live.

The Group Mentoring Sessions will be held on Thursdays, 12 noon Eastern / 9am Pacific.

(If there is enough interest, I may add a second group that would meet at 6pm Eastern / 3pm Pacific – please let me know if you would be interested in that time slot!)

Individual Intake Consultation

To support your personal learning, you will have an individual intake consultation with Ivy in the first month of the program, to review your health history and clarify your priorities for the year ahead. (You will also receive discounts on additional consultations!)

Saturday Sadhana” Ayuryoga Sessions

Twice a month, we will enjoy a 90-minute online yoga practice designed to deepen our capacity for meditation and inner stillness. In this gentle practice, we will learn and explore asana (physical postures), pranayama (breathing practices), chanting, and guided relaxation, as viewed through the lens of Ayurveda.

These practices are easily adapted for different body types and fitness levels, and will be taught with an eye to how they impact the doshas and the system overall. All sessions will be recorded so you can watch them again to support your ongoing practice.

Saturday Sadhana will be held twice a month online at 10am Eastern / 7am Pacific.

Full Moon-Bathing Celebrations

Each Quarter, we will gather online for a full-hearted celebration to honor the full moon with ritual, chanting, stories – and sweet treats! We will take in the rasa, or juice, of the full moon, and honor the fullness in our own lives.

Your own Program Partner

Each participant will be paired with another participant, to help inspire and support each other in whatever way works for you both. The pairing will be based on your responses to a questionnaire about your support needs/wishes. Together you and your partner will choose how frequently you want to meet, and how you will provide support.  

Online Forum Moderated by Ivy

Our private online forum will serve as a place to share ideas, seek support, post resources, and ask questions between our live meetings. 

Discounts on Private Consultations

All Inner Wisdom Circle members receive 25% off individual consultations with Ivy.

Guided Practice Audios/Videos to Support your Routines

You will have access to guided practice recordings to support your routines, including guided yoga sequences, chanting sessions, meditations, pranayama, and deep relaxation.  

Online Materials and Resources

You will also receive Practice Sheets, Self-Study Guides, Recipes, my Suggested Reading List, and other resources in our online classroom portal to support your learning and integration. 


The Autumn Digestive Reset

November 2020

($250 value)

All Inner Wisdom Circle participants get to join the Autumn Digestive Reset with Ivy tuition-free. This group program guides you through a grounding, simplifying process to detoxify the body and reset your digestive system for the season ahead. 

In Autumn, Ayurveda encourages a reset to help release excess Pitta heat built up in the body and mind over the summer. It helps shift the system more smoothly into winter. Moving through the Autumn Digestive Reset together, we discover new things about our digestion and our habits each time. (Your supplies and ingredients are an additional cost.)

PLUS: a “Bring a Friend” Discount Ticket

Each Inner Wisdom Circle participant gets to invite a friend to join the Autumn Digestive Reset for only $95 (full price is $250).

Now I’m exercising and meditating regularly…

“Before, I was racing through life without much intentionality and was feeling burnt out from parenting and work. The classes were very grounding and provided structure to try out new tools and learn from the wonderful community that was formed. Now I’m exercising and meditating regularly, eating more grounding foods, and going to sleep earlier – I feel more in line with the way that I intuitively desire to be living my life.” 

~ Christine Tucker, Durham, NC

“I feel quite naturally myself – optimistic, enthusiastic, and happy.

“I’ve had far, far less anxiety and fear. All of that stuff had begun to feel almost normal, but it has lifted and hasn’t returned. I feel quite naturally myself – optimistic, enthusiastic, and happy.

I am also physically rejuvenated, more efficient and effective in my work and my entire life. I feel healthful, empowered and capable. And I feel deeply appreciative for Ivy’s compassion, knowledge and ability to translate a 5,000 year old system of healing in a way that makes it accessible for those of us living busy, demanding lives today.”

~ Taylor N., Seattle, WA

Get ready to change your life

The Inner Wisdom Circle

A Year-Long Online Mentorship to
Strengthen your Body
and Nourish your Spirit

September 9, 2020 – August 31, 2021

Program Summary 

  • Weekly Group Mentorship Sessions – Thursdays @ 12noon Eastern / 9am Pacific (1 hour ~ 4 per month)
  • Individual Intake Consultation with Ivy (1 hour)
  • Saturday Sadhana Ayuryoga Sessions – Saturdays @ 10am Eastern / 7am Pacific (90-minutes ~ 2 per month)
  • Full Moon- Bathing Celebrations (Quarterly)
  • Your own Program Partner for support and inspiration
  • Online Community Forum moderated by Ivy for Q&A and support
  • 25% Discount on Additional Consultations with Ivy
  • Guided Practice Audios/Videos to support your practices
  • Online Classroom Resources including Info Sheets, Self-Study Guides, Recipes, Suggested Reading List, and other Resources


  • Autumn Digestive Reset ~ Free tuition
  • 1 “Bring a Friend for $95” ticket for Autumn Digestive Reset

100% Money Back Guarantee

I want you to be completely at ease with your decision to commit to yourself in this way. If you are dissatisfied with the program for any reason within 21 days after the start date of the program, simply let me know and you will get a 100% refund (minus any credit card processing fees). 

Pilot Program Pricing

This first cohort of the Inner Wisdom Circle is a pilot program – when it is offered again next Quarter, the price will go up as it’s refined and new features are added. So if you’re considering joining us, now is an excellent time to jump in.

The Inner Wisdom Circle is offered on a sliding scale to give more equitable access across a range of financial resource levels. 

A sliding fee scale, sometimes called “indexed tuition” or “flexible tuition,” is a model that allows participants to pay an equitable amount relative to their income and other financial resources. This is a new way of looking at cost and affordability for many of us, so please take the time to read through this whole section as you decide what option aligns with your resources.

Full Price Tuition: $2500
Middle Price Tuition: $2000 (3 spaces available)
Minimum Price Tuition: $1500 (2 spaces available)
“Pay it Forward” Price Tuition: $2700 

If you have questions navigating this approach, please don’t hesitate to ask. Sometimes it’s helpful to talk through navigating a new model, and I am learning through this process as well. I would welcome the opportunity for discussion.

$2500 – the Full Price Non-Discounted Tuition

The full price is for those with access to financial security. This includes those who have steady income, personal savings, and discretionary budget. While price is certainly a consideration in your spending, you are generally able to plan and save for your needs and wants.

$2500 paid-in-full by September 4
Or 3 monthly payments of $867 ($2600 total)
Or 10 monthly payments of $270 ($2700 total)

$2000 – the Middle Price Tuition

The middle price is for those who are able to meet basic needs but have little discretionary income. You need to make strategic decisions regarding what you will and won’t spend your resources on. Paying for this program may necessitate other sacrifices for you, but it would not create hardship. 

Only 3 spots available at this price


$2000 paid-in-full by September 4
Or 3 monthly payments of $700 ($2100 total)
Or 10 monthly payments of $220 ($2200 total)

$1500 – the Minimum Price Tuition 

The minimum price is for those for whom paying full or middle price for this program is not feasible. You may have irregular work, be unemployed or underemployed, be a recent graduate, or need to seek outside support and funding (loan, gift, crowd funding, etc) to join. 

Only 2 spots available at this price


$1500 paid-in-full by September 4
Or 3 monthly payments of $534 ($1602 total)
Or 10 monthly payments of $170  ($1700 total)

$2700 – The “Pay-It-Forward” Price Tuition

This price supports the offering of a sliding scale. Essentially it’s an opportunity not only to participate in the Inner Wisdom Circle, but also to support your fellow community members who do not have the same level of economic advantage. 

$2700 paid-in-full by September 4

Come Join Us!

Ready to dive in?
Or have some questions?

Your next step is to contact me! I am eager to talk with you, to answer any questions you have, or to arrange for your registration. I can’t wait to welcome you into the Inner Wisdom Circle!