India Healing Retreat

Panchakarma Treatment & Rejuvenation Retreat

Vaidyagrama Healing Village
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, South India
(POSTPONED ~ Date to be Determined)

Join Ivy for the healing experience of a lifetime. Immerse yourself in Panchakarma, the renowned pinnacle of Ayurveda rejuvenation and healing treatment. Overseen by the expert Ayurveda physicians of Vaidyagrama Healing Village, you will receive daily assessment, herbal medicines and bodily treatments designed to restore proper functioning to the body and mind. Daily group discussions with physicians, staff and other patients from around the world will support your learning and integration of a new way of seeing the world.

With Ivy as your guide before, during and after your Panchakarma retreat, you will be supported to shift and integrate the experience into your lived life at home when you return.

More information coming soon…

Send Ivy a note here to ask any questions or to let her know you might be interested in this amazing experience.

Optional Add-On: a week of exploration before treatment…

The Magic of Pondicherry

Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu, South India

More details coming soon!