A Workshop with Ivy on Zoom

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Falling leaves, the smell of chimney smoke, and the promise of the holidays conjure up memories of cozy traditions and comfort foods.

And yet this year, the holidays will be different.

Many of us won’t be traveling and may be missing our families or traditions in order to keep each other safe due to the Covid-19 pandemic. For most of us, something like this has never happened in our lifetime. How do we find comfort when we can’t do the usual things that bring us comfort?

The holidays are always a welcome pause from our typical routines, and this year we most certainly need a change of pace! We can still enjoy the anticipation and preparations for a special holiday – we just need to get creative.

One of the ways we connect with loved ones is around food ~ sharing stories while we plan the foods we’ll eat, preparing a feast of family favorites, and then eating together.

If your holiday plans have been derailed, let’s gather around the hearth of our warm hearts for a planning session. You’ll end up with a kitchen full of delicious smells, a full belly, and ideas to share with your loved ones to reimagine your holiday traditions in a new light.

In this cozy winter workshop, you will…

  • Learn to make 2 delicious, nutritious Ayurvedic main dishes and a decadent dessert you can share at your holiday meals (or whenever you fancy!) 
  • Feel the camaraderie of gathering around your kitchen table with good company
  • Enjoy some luscious warming Ayurvedic beverages, which we’ll make together and enjoy while we gather
  • Explore the in’s and out’s of specific preventive health practices Ayurveda recommends for this season
  • Participate in traditional invocations to uplift the mind, to strengthen your health, and to give thanks
  • Learn a holiday tree ritual you can make your own and do at home
  • Discover specific tips to reimagine the Big Day if you can’t be with your loved ones

Here’s our plan: Together, we’ll cook some delicious Ayurvedic recipes in real time (I’ll send the ingredient list in advance so we can cook together!). You’ll discover why certain spices and ingredients are healthful in this season, all while sipping something steamy from your favorite mug.

We’ll also explore preventive care practices from Ayurveda renowned for shoring up our natural defenses at this time of year. We’ll experiment together and discuss how to bring new practices into our daily lives.

We’ll build reverence and community with chanting, ritual, stories and sharing as well. We’ll remember why holidays (or holy-days) are so important, in every epoch, and discuss specific ideas and creative rituals to make this year’s celebration nourishing and warm (even if we are more isolated than usual).

Come join in our online community to make some healthy delicious foods, boost our health defense system, and uplift our spirits. There is much to be thankful for.

The Recipes We’ll Explore…

Butternut Squash Apple Bake
(vegetarian or ground lamb options)
Ayurvedic Kabocha Coconut Dal
Dr. Lad’s Ayurveda Chai
Pear Cardamom Crumble
Golden Milk with a Twist

I took the class with Ivy because I was racing through life without much intentionality and was feeling burnt out from parenting and work. It really helped me to be more mindful about listening to my body, and the little changes to my daily routine really help!

Christine Tucker, Assistant Professor

Ivy’s facilitation and light were a true delight. The class created a great sense of agency in me – in this short time, I have already noticed more balance in my life. I enjoyed making the recipes, and I appreciated how accessible and easy the practices were to implement in my own life – and how transformative they are

David Young Oh, Psychotherapist

Ayurvedic Cooking for Holiday Cheer in these Uncommon Times

Sunday, Dec. 13
2-4:30pm EST / 11am-1:30pm PST
via Zoom



Register by Sunday, Dec. 6
and receive the ingredient list so you can shop in advance!

Let’s make something delicious together!