Guided Seasonal Cleanses

A 14-Day Guided Program to Detoxify and Release
Based in Traditional Ayurveda
Monday, March 7 – Sunday, March 20
Monday, March 21 – Sunday, April 3

Who is the Spring Clarity Cleanse For?
This cleanse is for anyone who maintains a busy or complicated schedule, or lives in a city, or eats foods grown outside – even organic food is exposed to airborne and rain-borne chemicals. Traditionally, EVERY healthy adult was encouraged to cleanse regularly to prevent illness, as it un-clogs the digestive and subtle pathways and strengthens your digestive fire, the foundation of immunity.

This cleanse is also perfect for you if you:

  • Avoid dairy, wheat or other foods because they don’t agree with your belly
  • Catch repeated colds, flu or seasonal allergies
  • Experience dramatic energy or mood dips throughout the day
  • Feel stuck in a rut or caught in old emotional or mental patterns
  • Struggle with constipation, indigestion or diarrhea


Benefits of the Spring Clarity Cleanse

Since traditional cleansing clears up congestion and blockages in the gastrointestinal tract, strengthens digestion and frees energy to flow again, many people find that afterwards bothersome health issues resolve without further intervention. Supported Ayurvedic cleanses have been shown to:

  • Eliminate gas, bloating, food intolerances, hyperacidity and other digestive issues
  • Increase energy and vitality
  • Get rid of seasonal allergies and boost your immune system
  • Help take off stubborn excess weight
  • Release stagnation, heaviness and old emotions
  • Reduce stress on the physical detoxification mechanisms

Why Is Cleansing Necessary?
With today’s increased exposure to chemicals and pesticides, as well as mental toxins like information overload and stress, our digestive system’s natural ability to filter and cleanse is overtaxed. Like a stopped-up sink, the pathways of waste removal can slowly get clogged, causing a backlog of sludge (called “Ama” in Ayurveda) that robs us of our energy and health. This can happen to all of us, regardless of how “good” we are in our eating choices.

In addition, after the winter, excess cool and damp energy (kapha dosha) builds up in the body, and without a clear path out, it can cause health problems as we move into spring and summer. For this reason, the ancient texts advise that the start of spring is the perfect time to clear that path through traditional time-tested practices.

What Exactly Happens in the Spring Clarity Cleanse?
Ayurveda teaches that maintaining a simple (yet filling and nourishing) diet for a week, along with specific supportive herbs and cleansing practices, gives the digestive system a needed rest, unclogs passageways, and re-ignites digestive fire (agni).

The Spring Clarity Cleanse is designed with different choices to accommodate people who must continue with daily work or other commitments, as well as for those who can reduce activity to receive optimal benefits. Each day you will engage in simple practices to facilitate the cleansing process. You will be given guidance about the appropriate choices for your unique situations.

The 14-day cleanse typically includes:

Internal Oleation: consumption of a small amount of ghee (a form of clarified butter) for 3 mornings to loosen toxins from the deeper tissues and expedite their removal through the G.I. tract.

Simple Diet: eat only simple, whole, cleansing foods. Some will choose to do 5 days of  a “mono-diet” (eating only one nutritious and easy-to-digest dish composed of basmati rice and split mung beans with tasty spices). This diet gives the digestive system a needed rest, so energy can be used to detoxify and eliminate wastes.

External Oleation: self-massage with therapeutic oil to facilitate the removal of toxins from superficial tissues inward.

Purgation: the nightly use of gentle herbs to remove toxins from the G.I. tract while cleansing and nourishing the small and large intestines.

Basti: the optional use of a self-administered herbal enema for 3 consecutive mornings near the end of our process helps cleanse, hydrate and nourish the colon.

Gentle Yoga and Breathing Practices: suggestions will be given for gentle yoga postures and breathing practices to support the detoxification process.

Rest and Reflection: it is important to give yourself ample rest and opportunities to reflect. You will be given daily questions for reflection through journaling and meditation.

Support and Education: there will be 3 nourishing and informative workshops during the cleanse to give you educational guidance, experiences to help process your cleanse, and community support. Ivy will also be available for unlimited email and phone support during the cleanse.

How is the Spring Clarity Cleanse Structured?
We begin the week before the cleanse starts, with the orientation workshop, “At the Headwaters: Preparation & Visioning.” Here you receive the detailed “guide map” for the river’s course ahead through the complete 14-day cleanse. You will prepare mentally for the powerful shift in your vitality and clarity that you are creating. We will lean into the shared intent of our group, a valuable support during the cleanse to maintain excitement and commitment.

As we head downriver, each morning of the cleanse you will receive an email from me with specific instructions for that day, as well as inspiring and motivational guidance. You will have access to a private Facebook group for the cleanse participants where you can ask questions, touch base with others, and reflect on your experience. I will be available by email throughout the cleanse for specific questions.

On Day 6, a Saturday, we will meet again for the workshop “In the Deep: Relax & Release.” We will draw strength from each other as we reflect on our experience thus far, and you will be led through a deeply relaxing restorative yoga practice. You will also receive needed guidance on the final days of the cleanse.

The week after the cleanse ends, we will come together one last time for our “At the River’s End: Celebration.” We will revel in our accomplishment, share our new awareness, and explore how to solidify the benefits of your cleanse in the days ahead.

What can I expect from the Spring Clarity Cleanse?
Every person’s experience is different. However, many people report:

  • Feelings of lightness and clarity
  • Reduced food cravings and increased sensitivity to how different foods nourish you or disrupt your digestion
  • The release of old emotions, which may temporarily surface during the cleanse
  • Some challenge early in the cleanse perhaps with mild nausea, slight cramps, headache or fatigue, which usually pass quickly
  • New connections with like-minded people

Who Should NOT Cleanse?
Cleansing takes significant energy and stamina, so it is important that participants be in stable health. The following individuals should not participate:

  • Pregnant or breast-feeding women
  • Women who expect to start their menstrual period during the cleanse (the menses is a natural detoxification process we don’t want to disrupt with the seasonal cleanse) 
  • Those with acute illness or who feel weak for any reason
  • Those unable to stop smoking during the cleanse

Your Spring Clarity Cleanse Includes…

  • Three workshops with Ivy:

                 “At the Headwaters: Preparation & Visioning”
                          Wed, March 2, or Thur, March 17, 6 – 7:30pm
                   Meet your new cleanse community, learn the logistical steps, and
                   prepare your heart and mind for what lies ahead

                “In the Deep: Relax & Release”
                        Saturday, March 12 or March 26, 2 – 4:30pm
                 Relax the body and mind through restorative yoga and meditative practices,
                 learn about final cleanse steps, and sink into the support of community

                “At the River’s End: Celebration”
                          Friday, March 25 or April 8, 6 – 7:30pm
                 Celebrate your accomplishment with your new tribe, reflect on your
                 experience & receive dietary guidance & new practices for lasting health

You will also receive:

  • Detailed written Guidebook for the complete 14-day cleanse
  • Daily email guidance and inspiration during the cleanse
  • Unlimited email support from Ivy throughout the cleanse
  • Membership in private Facebook group with fellow cleansers for questions and support

Spring Clarity Cleanse Pricing

To ensure your experience during the cleanse is as supportive as possible, I can help customize your cleanse if I know important details about you and your health, so I offer a limited number of pre-cleanse consultations. If you have not had an assessment with me before, now is a great opportunity to schedule a consultation at a special discount!

Cost of Cleanse: $197

Final Registration Deadlines:
Saturday, March 5 (for March 7 cleanse)
Saturday, March 19 (for March 21 cleanse)
(or when maximum number of participants is reached)

Not yet one of Ivy’s client? Become one now!
90-Minute Initial Assessment (usually $120) only $99 with the Cleanse!

Learn your primary dosha (Ayurvedic constitution) and receive
customized cleanse instruction, as well as unique diet and lifestyle recommendations to improve your health.

To schedule your private consultation, call Ivy at (505) 850-7861.

Food + Supplies Not Included
Ayurvedic Cleanse Kit From Banyan Botanicals ($38 – $108)
(Instructions for Ordering Provided upon Registration)
Includes 7-day supply of organic mono-diet food, neti pot, nasya oil, tongue cleaner, triphala herbal formula, organic massage oil, organic ghee, organic detox tea, organic chyavanprash rejuvenative herbal jam

To Register: 

Contact High Desert Yoga to save your seat!

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