Fire Ceremony

Fire ceremonies have likely been done ever since man discovered how to harness the power of flame. Such a palpable expression of transformation, fire continues to be a dramatic and compelling symbol in ritual.

Agni hotra is a traditional Vedic fire ceremony that is performed precisely at sunrise and sunset with the intent to foster healing and rejuvenation for the earth and her plants. Practiced in exactly the same way for thousands of years, the ceremony requires the use of specific fire tools and mantra recited at the exact time of the sun’s passing the horizon. The effect of agni hotra can be as simple as a pervading feeling of calm and contentment among those present or deep healing on physical and subtle levels. It is said that the healing effects of agni hotra are most pronounced for the land within a two-mile radius around the site of the ceremony.

You are invited to join Ivy for agni hotra at sunset.

Location: TBD, Albuquerque, NM

Sunset Dates & Times: The dates below are subject to change – please check this page for cancellations 24 hours before coming. We will also cancel if it is raining.

(Stay tuned for updated times for 2015!)

Arrive up to 20 minutes early to get settled. Dress appropriately for outdoor conditions and temperature, and bring something to sit upon if you wish (we will be on the ground).

The ritual itself is very brief – only about one minute in length – but the preparation and after-effects are conducive to quiet contemplation or meditation. The fire will be lit about ten minutes before sunset, and we will sit in silence for about twenty minutes after sunset. You are welcome to come and go for any portion of the ceremony as you wish.