Embodied Ayurveda Class

A 6-Week Course on Living a Nourished Life

Wednesday evenings, 6-7:30pm (Sept. 4 – Oct. 9, 2019)
OR Monday mornings, 10-11:30am (Sept. 9 – Oct. 14)
Southwest Durham, NC

  • Would you like to feel stronger, healthier, more energetic, and calm under pressure?
  • Do you want a deeper connection to the innate wisdom of your body?
  • Are you hungry for a greater sense of community and inspiration in your life?

If you answered “yes” to any of these, then I’m thrilled to invite you to join me for an exploration of the life-changing power of Ayurveda and how to bring its health-filled wisdom into your life.

ganesha altar

In our weekly classes, we will dive deep into the lusciousness of Ayurveda: the nurturing body care, the enlivening herbs and teas, the heart-centered rituals, the tricks for making fabulous food fast, as well as the theory behind it all that makes it logical and intuitive.

Through this inspiring, perspective-shifting course, you will…

  • Refine your understanding of the language of your body, so you know what it’s asking for and how to tend it, whether you’re feeling well or healing from something
  • Gain real clarity about how to create health – not by blindly following “rules” but by exploring what’s true in your own system
  • Learn methods (and reasons!) to cook with medicinal spices, and how to make ghee at home
  • Feel empowered to noticeably improve your health by getting crystal clear why certain activities, foods, and behaviors energize you, while others bring you down
  • Customize the routines you’re living by, so you are optimally supported and more in integrity with how you want to live
  • Uncover a gentle faith in the wisdom and support of nature that is holding us

Each week, we explore a different central principle of Ayurveda that is critical to good health, such as digestive fire, the animating intelligence of prana, our personal wellspring of immunity, or the map of the 3 doshas. Beyond exploring the teachings from the ancient texts, we draw the nectar out of the theory by practicing concrete applications that make a difference you can feel.

Ivy teaching at stove

You’ll learn kitchen essentials, like the 3 best spices to enkindle digestion, and how to make ghee and specific herbal infusions. We explore self-care, like the most calming self-massage points, personal rituals, and how to notice the signs of true hunger. We pull apart key health concepts, like the 3 causes of disease (and how to stop them before they start), how to build the energy reservoir of ojas, and the 7 roots of deep health. You’ll also receive extensive written info sheets, recipes, and guidelines, so you don’t have to take mad notes the whole time!

To help integrate these new ideas in your life, each week you’ll have an easy take-home experiment to play with (like “Observing the 13 Bodily Urges,” or “Bringing Prana into Your Kitchen”). The following week, we’ll discuss what you discovered, so you learn from everyone else’s experience as well as my input and feedback.

Devi day 1

We meet in my home in southwest Durham, with easy access to the kitchen. Our group will be limited to ten, so you’ll get more personalized attention from me and make real connections. If you must miss a session, you can listen to a recording of the teaching segments.

By the end of the course, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a vital new community that will lift your spirits and your health.

Embodied Ayurveda: A 6-Week Course on Living a Nourished Life

Wednesday evenings 6-7:30pm (Sept. 4 – Oct. 9)
Monday mornings 10-11:30am (Sept. 9 – Oct. 14)
My home studio in Durham, NC

I’m beyond excited about what I have in store for you! Consider inviting a friend to join you, so you can share the experience and support each other.

To Register:

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