Election Day Satsang

Community gathering, or satsang, is a powerful crucible within which challenging energy can be transformed. 

We missed you with us live – but you can watch below and plug into the grounding experience with our sweet community.

Let’s be together.

We remembered our bodies as vessels of transformation, allowing our breath and sound to help ground our mobile energy into our roots so we feel more calm. 

We explored 5 things we can do in the days and weeks ahead…

  1. Find stability in the body (with touch, breath, and warmth).
  2. Start with ourselves (by expressing Satya/truthfulness, Ahimsa/non-harming, and Brahmacharya/energy conservation…).
  3. Be kind.
  4. Find (and remember) our faith.
  5. Choose our company wisely.

I invited those who are hungry for community to join us for my by-donation Monday Morning Meditation.

I also planted a seed about my year-long program, the Inner Wisdom Circle, a soulful community that helps us shift our health and uplift our spirit through 10 lifestyle practices from Ayurveda. We meet weekly to explore wisdom teachings, yoga and pranayama practices, and the science of habit change, all within the nurturance of heart-felt community. The Inner Wisdom Circle will open its doors to accept applications in December for a January entry.

We closed our time together by chanting the Maha Mrtunjaya mantra, sinking into the restorative sound, and the silence after the sound.