Durham Ayurveda Interest Group

Whether you are already a devoted student of Ayurveda or simply interested in learning more, come join some like-minded people for this monthly exploration! Ivy will share some teachings from Ayurveda and facilitate a group discussion. 

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Travel Tips: Staying Comfortable
and Happy with Ayurveda

Sunday, June 11

Travel can be a source of great fun, stimulation, and learning – and it can also upset our bodies and minds, acclimating to a new place, navigating new customs, adjusting to new time zones – and new foods.

Ayurveda offers a wealth of tips to keep the body functioning smoothly so you can enjoy travel and still feel good while doing it. Come learn a few tips, and share your own tricks!

Future Meetings:
July 2, Aug. 6

Our gatherings are offered by donation, supporting the work of Vaidyagrama Ayurveda Healing Village to provide free medical camps and food to the underserved in Tamil Nadu, India. 

Global Breath Yoga Studio
1809 Chapel Hill Rd, Durham, NC

Face-Coverings/Masks Required 
Please RSVP if possible
All Welcome ~ Please share with anyone who may be interested!

Past topics: 

Incompatible Food Combining:
A Hidden Source of Digestive Distress

Exercise: What is Healthy & What is Too Much

Seasonal Detox According to Ayurveda

Dharma & Staying Healthy in Cold & Flu Season