How Your Dosha Makes Habit Change Easier

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If you’re ready to make some effective, lasting changes to your habits and your health with the beautiful wisdom of Ayurveda, I invite you to join me for an Information Session for the Inner Wisdom Circle, my yearlong Ayurveda mentorship.

Info Session 
for the Inner Wisdom Circle 

Monday, Dec. 13

7-8pm ET / 4-5pm PT

To register, send an email to to get zoom link

The Inner Wisdom Circle is a life-changing program that teaches 10 foundational practices of Ayurveda, AND dives deep into the supporting behavioral science to help us make these practices a beloved and consistent part of our lives. 

In our Info Session, you’ll hear from a current member about how the Inner Wisdom Circle has changed her life for the better, and why she signed up for a second year!