Full Moon Women’s Ayurveda Circle


Are you craving more connection and sisterhood?

     Do you hunger for a deeper sense of meaning and mystery?

          Do you need more juiciness in your over-busy life?

The full moon is like a monthly chime to remind us of our natural feminine radiance and inborn gifts. In ancient days, the full moon was literally the time of ovulation, and it still bestows the energy of creativity and ripening. Gathering at the time of the moon’s fullness, we’ll draw from the deep well of women’s wisdom that finds voice in a circle of like-minded, like-hearted souls.

The Invitation

Come join our monthly gathering of women to share, laugh and learn together. Held by the container of ritual and the focal point of a new theme each month, our Circle is a place to find abundant community, to open our hearts to fellow sisters, and to create inspiration.

Each Circle includes…

  • Ritual to connect with something larger than ourselves and establish sacred space for our time together
  • Gentle movement to get out of the mind and into the body’s other ways of knowing
  • Discussion to deepen our connection with each other and with our own hearts
  • Ayurvedic teachings to strengthen the guiding presence of nature’s rhythm in our lives
  • Journaling to integrate your experience and inspire your inner journey

For each gathering, there will be a different theme chosen the previous month. You are invited to bring a symbol or object inspired by the theme to contribute to our communal altar (and don’t worry, you’ll get your object back at the end!). Please wear comfortable clothes for sitting on the floor and gentle yoga.

Full Moon Women’s Ayurveda Circle
Sunday, July 21, 3 – 5pm
(CANCELLED! So sorry….)
$40 for One Circle
($160 for 6 months ongoing commitment)
~  All Women are Welcome!  ~
Pre-registration is necessary as space is limited
The Commitment: To allow for a deep sense of connection and the opportunity to build strong and lasting relationships, in the fall this will become a committed Circle. The meetings this summer will be open Circles that any woman may attend. Beginning in September, a woman may drop in once to see what it’s like, and if she wants to join, she’ll be asked to commit for 6 months.

The Cost: To visit once, the cost is $40 – so the value of 6 Circles is $240. However, recognizing that each woman is likely to have to miss one or two Circles due to scheduling conflicts, the cost for 6 months of membership is $160.

The committed Circle is limited – and several seats are already taken! I would truly love to see you claim your place in our circle.

To reserve your seat among us, contact Ivy by email
or at (512) 230-2312