Weaving A Life

May Day conjures up images of maypoles and children frolicking among sweet new spring flowers. Last week, I came upon the following scene at the American Botanical Council's annual Herb Day. I snapped this shot after the interweaving dance had progressed quite far, and the adults were having to bend down to weave under each other's … Continue reading Weaving A Life

The Jasmine

In the middle of the courtyard in our building is a young jasmine plant – and it isn’t looking too good. A week or so after we arrived, I noticed it was rather crispy. I worried about it. “Do you think we should water it?” I asked Lynn. “I don’t know,” she replied. “It definitely … Continue reading The Jasmine

Dr. Ramdas

Our first week of class was incredibly affirming. We are now even more aware of what a remarkable gift it is to be at Vaidyagrama at this moment in time. We have landed in a community of authentic physician-teachers and heartfelt staff who are bringing to life an entirely unique vision. When construction is complete, … Continue reading Dr. Ramdas