The Laying-On of Hands

As part of our education about pancha karma, Ayurveda’s intensive detoxification and rejuvenation process, we have been learning some of the hands-on patient treatments. While some of these may look like spa offerings, they are powerful therapies designed as part of a full treatment plan with specific sequences and preparations. The most well-known Ayurveda treatments … Continue reading The Laying-On of Hands

Making Medicine

I spent last Friday night standing in Vaidyagrama's open air kitchen looking out over the wall at the deep green banana tree tops, listening to the grazing cows mooing from inside the grove, and tending a fire stove trying to bring a vessel of Balaguduchyadi herbal decoction to a boil. Ayurveda offers guidance in lifestyle … Continue reading Making Medicine

The Bruhut Trayi

So, what have we been doing in class over here, one might rightly ask? That IS the whole point, right? Remarkably, on average we have over five hours of class every day. We have been reviewing a great deal of material to which we were introduced last year in school, but now we have the … Continue reading The Bruhut Trayi

The Land of the Yogis

We’re going to Rishikesh! We just found out yesterday, and we fly out tomorrow – for ten enormous days. We are beset with laundry and packing pandemonium, interspersed with incredulous laughter and open-mouthed amazement at our good fortune. Some fairy godmother must be in charge around here. I mentioned in a recent post that Vaidyagrama’s … Continue reading The Land of the Yogis

Medical Camp Day

Every last Sunday of the month, Vaidyagrama hosts a “medical camp” in one of the nearby villages, offering free herbal medications and medical advice. This past weekend, we got to come along to help and to pick up what we could by observing since we certainly wouldn’t understand what was being said. We arrived around … Continue reading Medical Camp Day