The Risk of Flowering – and 5 Spring Snot Busters

Have you ever noticed the first signs of spring are often the sudden blossoms appearing on otherwise dormant-looking trees? These tender petals arrive well before the more hardy leaves, interrupting the worn brown landscape with surprising splashes of pink and white. I appreciate these exuberant bursts of vulnerability. It’s as if, after curling into their … Continue reading The Risk of Flowering – and 5 Spring Snot Busters

Happy Ganesha Chaturthi!

The elephant-headed Ganesha is revered by many yogis and Hindus around the globe. Most well-known as that force that removes obstructions in our path, his commitment and steadiness make him the perfect ally in facing the challenges and fears that arise through the course of life. Ganesha “Chaturthi” (which literally means the fourth) refers to … Continue reading Happy Ganesha Chaturthi!