Why the Buddy System Works

I have never been a gym rat. I am not a fan of spandex, and the music is always “pumping” a little too much.

But I turned 50 a year ago and I’m getting more focused on bone health, as the vata stage of life beckons. We all know weight-bearing exercise is central to maintaining bone health, and while I do a fair bit of yoga and walking outdoors (the very best exercise, in my humble opinion), when my sister said, “Hey, I’m going to hire a personal trainer, wanna work out with me?” I thought, why not?!

Ok – spoiler alert. This is a ridiculous video. Here’s me, my sister, and our personal trainer Ceyonne, HARD AT WORK. 

(My sister and I didn’t know the camera was rolling! We thought we were setting up for a picture and that Ceyonne would press a remote shutter release at the end. Ha! And if you don’t know who we were trying to impersonate, well then, you must not be a child of the 70’s like us.)

THIS is why the buddy system works, right?! Honestly, I’ve never had so much fun in a gym in my life. And I’m always eager to go back – I get time with my sister, guidance on my form, and we get to laugh a lot. Oh, and I lift some weights. That’s some potent medicine right there. 

Is there something tough on your horizon? Or something you’ve been wanting to add to your life, but resistance keeps holding you back? 

What could you do with some encouragement and laughter to help you prioritize yourSELF and your health?

The Spring Digestive Reset is starting soon. We have a free live Info Session TONIGHT, Monday, March 13, from 7-7:30pm ET / 4-4:30pm PT. Come ask your questions and let’s do this thing together. Send me an email to get the Zoom link for tonight. 

And if not tonight, our Prep Workshop is Wednesday, which I promise will contain a good dose of laughter.


Ivy (AKA C-Fit’s Angel #1)

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