Envisioning your New Year: 2 Potent Questions for You

In these last days of the year, it’s important to give ourselves permission to rest – goodness knows, we need it! – and to set aside intentional time to ENVISION the year ahead. 

Without taking a real break and getting some rest, we simply won’t have the energy for powerful, effective visioning of what we want to bring into our lives – and that’s the critical question: What do YOU want for your next year? 

When we know what we want, we unleash the power to create it. One of my favorite quotes about reaching goals is by James Clear: “It’s not a matter of willpower – it’s a matter of clarity.”  When we get really clear on what we want, it lights a fire inside. We develop focus and energy beyond what we knew before, and new visions literally become possible.

So let’s take some time this weekend to get clear. In this quick video, I share the 2 most potent visioning questions I use to help clarify what you want in the New Year. Take 3 minutes to watch it here:

If you decide that this year, you want to overhaul your health, create more energy, find mental or emotional balance, or heal from an illness or diagnosis, then I encourage you to join me next week for our Information Session about the Inner Wisdom Circle, my Ayurveda mentorship. We are opening our doors to new members in January – and this program may be the critical step to bring your New Year vision to life. 

In the Info Session, you’ll hear from some current members and get a feel for our weekly meetings, the amazing curriculum we get to explore, and the unique ways we learn to integrate deep self-care into our busy lives.

Information Session about the Inner Wisdom Circle
Wednesday, January 4
7-8pm ET / 4-5pm PT

To sign up for the Info Session, email me at ivy@ivyingram.com to get the Zoom link. To learn more about the Inner Wisdom Circle, visit the website.

I would love to share more about this program with you – come join us!

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