5 Sources of Light (Where are Yours?)

When I was in Kerala in south India, I observed a beautiful ritual that was done every day at sunset, when the night was spread out before us and the dangers of darkness loomed large. (Watch my video below for more details.)

When faced with darkness, or the hardships of life, we CAN choose to consciously turn towards light, towards whatever brings us safety, joy, confidence, and nourishment.

Light takes many forms. What are the sources of light in your life right now? 

In this brief video, I share 5 of my most reliable sources of good energy, joy and reassurance. I’d love to hear from you in the comments below, where do you find light in your life these days? Let’s inspire each other to add up our sources!

Ayurveda is my most potent source of light – it is an undying source of wisdom, upliftment, and tangible, actionable methods to hold peace inside. Truly, it is deep medicine for these admittedly dark times.

When I need help remembering where the light is, I turn back to the teachings. When I forget, I get back into the company of my teachers. 

The Inner Wisdom Circle, my Ayurveda mentorship, has likewise been a renewable source of light for the 15 people who have spent the last year with me deepening our health-giving practices together. And we are opening the doors to new members in January.

What is the state of your light supply? If you could use a new reliable source of light in your life right now, I hope you’ll consider joining us. What would more light make possible for you?

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