4 Gifts for You From India…

Hello from south India! I arrived here a few weeks ago for the first time since 2019, returning to the Ayurveda community where I trained years ago. It has been such a sweet reunion after these pandemic years apart. (Come along on Instagram @ivyingramhealth for some pictures!)

Every time I come here, I relish certain familiar joys – the unique herbal smoke aroma, the call of the wild peacocks, the coconut chutney (!), and of course my dear teachers and friends.

I’ve been thinking about what you would appreciate and benefit from in this place – so I made this quick video to share some of what makes life so rich here and healing so relatively effortless…

There’s such a stark contrast between this intentionally healing environment and the environment many of us experience most days – from the jarring alarm clock that starts the day, to the back-to-back meetings, deadlines, after-school pick-up, gym class, meals-on-the-run, family commitments…

And most perniciously, the constant sense that we don’t have enough TIME. This has become the common depleting theme in modern life.

If we are to retrieve our health and our sanity, something has to change.

This Ayurveda healing community on the other side of the globe has something important figured out: simple soul- and body-nourishment that’s built into the daily routines that create the rhythm and flow of life here.

It’s this daily rhythm that inspires my Ayurveda mentorship program, the Inner Wisdom Circle. In this year-long program of deep learning and personal growth, we dive deep into 10 foundational practices of Ayurveda – the specific ancient teachings that establish health from the inside out, AND equally importantly, how to integrate them into our modern lives.

We start by getting clear on our priorities – what we each need and want in our lives to feel truly nourished, satisfied and healthy. Then we start steering our ship by those stars. 

We learn the nuances of these timeless practices that support and heal the body and the mind, and we discover practical tools to get out of the rut of old sticky habits.

And we lean into the genuine human connections that fill our weekly meetings, celebrating small changes that start adding up, sharing our vulnerabilities, and developing strong relationships that keep us engaged and lit up.

We open the doors to the Inner Wisdom Circle for new members only a few times a year – and January is our next opening. Each time, exactly the “right” people join us, creating the most powerful and uplifting community I’ve ever been part of.

If you are feeling the pressure of your current lifestyle, or the desire to turn over a new leaf and experience a deeper sense of energy and good health, I encourage you to apply to join us. Learn more about the Inner Wisdom Circle and fill out the brief application here, and let’s talk about what you dream of for yourself next year. I can’t wait to discover if you are meant to be among us!

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