Creating Stability in Transition

In this season of transition between summer and fall, the changeability and lack of predictable pattern starts pushing Vāta dosha up. And then we head into autumn’s cold, dry influence, which means Vāta will only get worse, potentially leading to the anxiety, constipation, bloating and worry that high Vāta is known for.

SO, I’ve gathered some nervous system First Aid for you: For the next 2 weeks, try out these 4 specific actions to foster stability during this transition time. Give yourself these 4 opportunities to settle your system and nourish your nerves. I guarantee, it will change your autumn.

These 4 actions are super simple – but we know simple is not necessarily easy. Joining a group focused on these 4 actions for a short time period makes it doable in a busy life.

Tempted? Come team up with a band of like-minded souls to help you simplify, reset your digestive capacity, nourish your nervous system, and strengthen your immunity before cold and flu season – I heartily invite you to join my Autumn Digestive Reset: A 9-Day Ayurvedic Cleanse & Rejuvenation.

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