Why the Eyes are Vulnerable in Summer

In each season, one of the 5 sense organs is more prone to developing discomfort or disease due to the influences in the environment. In the summer, it’s the EYES. 

Lying down with a cool compress over the eyes and temples, spritzing the eyes with rose water, and taking regular screen breaks to refocus the eyes on a far point can all help nourish and restore the eyes tremendously – but I want to SHOW you my #1 eye care tool in the quick video below. (You’ll also find out which sense organs are vulnerable during the other seasons!)

Ayurveda is rich with specific guidance like this – it’s true preventative medicine that reveals how to strengthen our natural defenses and anticipate and protect our unique vulnerabilities. 

In my Ayurveda Mentorship, The Inner Wisdom Circle, we learn how to take profound care of our bodies throughout the year so we feel less overwhelmed and more steady – and we practice this wisdom in the real-life laboratory of our complicated lives. We’re accepting just a few new members in September, and we’re holding a live information Session TODAY.

Information Session 
for the Inner Wisdom Circle

TODAY, Wednesday, Aug. 17
7-8pm ET / 4-5pm PT

To register, email Ivy to get Zoom link
(or a recording if you can’t join us live)

The Inner Wisdom Circle is a life-affirming year in which we learn the deep art of body care and soul nourishment. We lean into our intimate community (there are 16 of us right now) to help make these practices a beloved and consistent part of our lives. To learn more about this amazing mentorship, visit the Inner Wisdom Circle website.

In tonight’s Info Session, you’ll hear from a current member about how the Inner Wisdom Circle has changed her life and why she signed up for a second year.

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