The Hidden Source of Disease

In one of the ancient teaching texts of Ayurveda, a brief verse at the very beginning identifies a surprising source of disease.

While there may arguably be many contributing factors, Ayurveda points to a pernicious (and familiar) cause that can underlie all the others. 

Learn more in this video I made for you…

This hidden source of disease is rampant on our planet right now – which makes this an ideal time for the teachings of Ayurveda.

In my Ayurveda Mentorship, The Inner Wisdom Circle, THIS is what we are about – not only strengthening our body with nourishing foods, joyful movement and rest, but uprooting this quiet and pervasive source of disease. 

We are holding a live information Session this week, and you’re invited:

Information Session
for the Inner Wisdom Circle

Wednesday, Aug. 17
7-8pm ET / 4-5pm PT

To sign up, email Ivy
to get the zoom link (or the recording if you can’t join us live)

You’ll hear from a current member about how the Inner Wisdom Circle has changed her life and why she signed up for a second year in our community.

The Inner Wisdom Circle is a life-affirming year in which we explore 10 foundational practices of Ayurveda, and the emotions and beliefs that provoke our behaviors (the supportive and not-so-supportive ones). We cultivate and lean into our intimate learning community to help us make these practices a beloved and consistent part of our lives.

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