Finding Solid Ground in a Time of Turbulence

Across the world, we are experiencing dramatic destabilization.

We are witnessing seismic shifts of culture, behavior, politics – even weather patterns – that previously contributed to a certain (perhaps unconscious) steadiness in our daily life.  

By definition, all big changes are destabilizing, which can challenge the nervous system causing mental and physical upset. In the language of Ayurveda, we call this destabilized state Vāta derangement.

“Vāta” is shorthand for predictable inner rhythms, the smooth functioning and flow of movements in our body and mind. Vāta derangement means our inner rhythms are thrown off, out of sync, unable to find solid ground.

Vāta derangement may show up as anxiety, physical pain, a fear that we ought to be doing something, erratic digestion, a persistent sense of pending doom, insomnia, or wild mood swings.

Vāta derangement is rampant right now. And when it persists, it can lead to very real illness.

So my friend, here’s what we can do right now: We can stabilize. In the face of external disruption, unpredictability, and fear, internal stability creates health – and hope.

Any life-enhancing routine can serve to stabilize us. Today, choose one routine to organize around, to declare your solid ground and plant your feet upon. Watch this quick video for 4 specific routines to consider adopting.

Another option: join me and our community for “Health from the Inside Out: A Practical Introduction to Ayurveda,” my 5-week online course. We will dive right into stabilization as one of the paths to lasting health.

We need you, my friend – we need all of us. We need to feel healthy and grounded and stable to support our families, to keep the wheels turning on our lives, and to do the work to build the world we want.

But for now, let’s just focus on the next step. Stabilize.

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