The Only Shortcut to Change Old Habits [video]

It’s not an exaggeration to say changing deeply ingrained habits is the hardest – AND most necessary – step to being healthy.

By definition, habits put us on auto-pilot, which is either a good thing or a bad thing. Habits can free us up so we don’t have to think too hard about something, like brushing your teeth – you probably do that without much thought these days.

On the other hand, habits preserve unhealthy routines too, like grabbing a cookie from the break room on your way to a meeting, even though you intellectually know a different action would be in your best interest.

But how in the heck can you change habits that start rolling before you’re even aware they’ve kicked on? Entire volumes are written on the topic. This is the Holy Grail of healthy living – or frankly, of being who you want to be in this life.

In all my years of research and working with clients, there is only one shortcut to changing habits that I have discovered – and it’s so obvious, yet somehow incredibly easy to forget.

Watch this quick video to find out:

See what I mean? It makes so much sense!

And now, I want to invite you to join an amazing group of people who will help you…

  • Establish 10 traditional self-nurturing practices of Ayurveda that will naturally unleash profound good health and mental peace in your life
  • Feel connected and supported by an optimistic, open-hearted community focused on growth and self-caring
  • Deepen into a spiritual awareness that fuels your sense of purpose and belonging

The Inner Wisdom Circle:
A Year-long Online Ayurveda Mentorship

Ayurveda’s time-tested lifestyle has been practiced and refined for over 5,000 years – and it works. As we move through the program together, you will experience….

  • Deeper, more restorative sleep
  • Regular, comfortable digestion and elimination
  • Less isolation
  • Easier menstrual cycles, or reduced menopause symptoms
  • More consistent energy throughout the day
  • Fewer aches and pains
  • A growing sense of well-being in your body and mind

Not only will you learn new practical information in our weekly meetings, you’ll have my Individual guidance and our intimate community’s support to make lasting changes to your behavior and your habits.

We welcome in new members only 3 times a year, and our next entry is coming up in January. I’d love to talk with you about this tremendous community and how it can massively improve your health, transform your body, and inspire your heart. To learn more and apply, visit the Inner Wisdom Circle webpage.

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