Video: The only shortcut to changing an old habit

It’s not an exaggeration to say changing deeply ingrained habits is the hardest – AND most necessary – step to being healthy.

By definition, habits put us on auto-pilot, which is either a good thing or a bad thing. Habits can free us up so we don’t have to think too hard about something, like brushing your teeth – you probably do that without much thought these days.

On the other hand, habits preserve unhealthy routines too, like grabbing a cookie from the break room on your way to a meeting, even though you intellectually know a different action would be in your best interest.

But how in the heck can you change habits? Entire volumes are written on the topic. This is the Holy Grail of healthy living – or frankly, of being who you want to be in this life.

In all my years of research and working with clients, there is only one shortcut to changing habits that I have discovered – and it’s so obvious, yet somehow incredibly easy to forget.

Watch this quick video I made to find out:


Creating more of this habit-changing shortcut in the world is one of the reasons I designed a new pilot program that is kicking off in just a few weeks…

Embodied Ayurveda:
A 6-Week Course on Living a Nourished Life

In this weekly class, we’ll dive deep into the lusciousness of Ayurveda: the nurturing body care, the enlivening herbs and teas, the heart-centered rituals, the tricks for making fabulous food fast, as well as the theory behind it all that makes it logical and intuitive.

Through this inspiring, perspective-shifting course, you will…

  • Refine your understanding of the language of your body, so you know what it’s asking for and how to tend it, whether you’re feeling well or healing from something
  • Learn to interpret the many messages from your mind so you can filter out the misguided ones that cause stress
  • Customize the routines you’re living by, so you’re optimally supported and in integrity with how you want to live
  • Feel empowered to noticeably improve your health by getting crystal clear why certain activities, foods, and behaviors energize you, while others bring you down
  • Uncover a gentle faith in the wisdom and support of Nature that is holding us

Each week, we’ll explore one of 6 central principles of Ayurveda, such as digestive fire, the animating intelligence of prana, the 3 causes of disease, or the map of the tridosha – vata, pitta and kapha.

Beyond theory, we’ll apply the concepts in concrete ways – you’ll learn kitchen essentials, like the 3 best spices to enkindle digestion, and how to make ghee and specific herbal infusions. We’ll explore self-care, like the most calming self-massage points, and how to notice the signs of true hunger. Each week you’ll have an easy take-home experiment to play with, and a group with whom to talk about your discoveries.

We’ll meet in my home studio in southwest Durham, with easy access to the kitchen and the garden. You’ll receive extensive written info sheets, recipes, and guidelines, so you don’t have to remember everything! By the end, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a vital new community that will lift your spirits and your health.

Tuesdays 6-7:30pm
July 16 – Aug. 20

For more information, visit the Embodied Ayurveda course page.

To register, send me an email and tell me “I’m in!”

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